How to Buy: LLC


Buying is Simple and Fast

In addition to the best prices around, these properties offers a quick and generally easy buying experience. The properties you see on our website average a sales transaction that takes only a few days to complete. Here are few guidelines:

1.  Property Inquiry: Inquire about a property online, or call 440-209-1563 to speak regarding making an offer or getting access to the property.

2.  Deposit: If you are interested in purchasing the property, some of our properties only require a earnest money deposit.

3.  Financing: We offer investor financing with a 35% down payment. Please call  440-209-1563 for more details on our financing options. (Not all properties offer financing)

4.  Purchase Contract: We will email or fax a purchase contract to you. We accept electronic copies of signatures (fax or email) for cash transactions. Financed transactions require notarization.

5.  Cash Closing: Upon receipt of your signed contract, we will countersign the contract and send it back to you.

6.  Title Searches: We do work with a local title company, if you prefer.  Most Properties are are so inexpensive, we simply excahnge the deed for cash.

7.  Full Closing: We offer a full closing option for some of our properties.

8.  Deed Recording: We will prepare and record the deed transferring ownership from the LLC to you. The quality of deed will be a quit claim deed or special/limited warranty deed depending on the type of deed we receive from our supplier. This process can take up to 180 days depending on the municipality. If you are concerned about beginning improvements on your property prior to the recording of the deed, we can provide a letter of ownership to keep with your purchase agreement.

 We use several different LLC(s) depending on back taxes, property condition and those we partner with.